ExcelのAND関数(式、例)| ExcelでAND関数を使用する方法












論理式の引数がブール論理値TRUE / FALSEではなく数値に評価される場合、値ゼロはFALSEとして扱われ、ゼロ以外の値はすべてTRUEとして扱われます。





AND Excelの例#1




プレーヤー2とプレーヤー10はすべてのレベルをクリアしたため、すべての論理条件はTRUEです。したがって、AND Excel関数は出力をTRUEにし、3つすべてのレベルのいずれかがクリアされなかった場合は、論理式がFALSEと評価されてAND ExcelではFALSE出力になりました。

AND Excelの例#2



パーセンテージが90%を超える場合、成績はA +になり、パーセンテージが90%以上80%未満の場合、成績はAになります。同様に、パーセンテージに基づく他の成績と生徒は不合格になります。パーセンテージは40%未満です。 


= IF(B2> 90、” A +”、IF(AND(B280)、” A”、IF(AND(B275)、” B +”、IF(AND(B270)、” B”、IF(AND(B260) 、” C +”、IF(AND(B250)、” C”、IF(AND(B240)、” D”、” FAIL”))))))))



=if(logical_test, [value_if_TRUE],[value_if_FALSE])

First logical test, in this case, is B2>90, if this is TRUE then Grade is ‘A+’, if this condition is not TRUE if checks for the statement after comma and it again entered another if condition, in which we have to test 2 conditions that is if percentage is greater than 80 and percentage less than or equal to 90 so, logical statements are


Since we have to test two conditions together we have used AND Excel function. So, if B280, is TRUE the Grade will be ‘A’, if this condition is not TRUE IF checks for the statement after the comma and it again enters another IF condition and will continue to check each statement till the last bracket closes. In the last IF statement it checks, percentage 40, hence last IF statement evaluates Grade ‘D’ else evaluate ‘FAIL’.

AND in Excel Example #3

Using AND excel function with IF function

There is a list of employees and the sale amount in Column B, on the basis of their sale amount the incentives are allotted to each employee. Sale incentive criteria are

We need to calculate the incentive of each employee based on his performance for cracking the sale base on the criteria mentioned above in the table

Roman made a sale of $3000, he will receive an incentive amount of $400 and David and Tom were not able to even crack $1000 sale the bare minimum sale criteria for an incentive, hence they will not get any incentive.

Formula that we will use is


We have again used Nested IF in excel conditions with multiple AND excel function testing the all the logical conditions together in the formula above to compute the sale incentive of the employee based on the sale amount that he/she made.

David and Tom were not able to meet the incentive criteria hence their incentive amount is $0.

Nesting of AND Function in Excel

Nesting means using the AND in excel as an argument in the function itself. Nesting functions in Excel refer to using one function inside another function. Excel allows you to nest up to 64 levels of functions.

AND in Excel Example #4

There is a list of candidates who appeared for posting in Army for which there are certain selection conditions.

Eligibility Criteria: Age has to be greater than or equal to 18 but less than 35 years with a height greater than 167 cms, eyesight has to be normal and has successfully completed the long run task

Here, we will be using the Nested AND in Excel to check the eligibility criteria.

Formula that we will use is


As, you can see we have, used multiple logical conditions, to check if they evaluate to be TRUE and for age, we have again used AND function in Excel to check if age is greater than or equal to 18 and less than 35 years.

We have used AND function in excel inside AND function to check the age criteria.


Three candidates passed all the selection criteria, Ralph, Alex and Scott. Hence, their eligibility computes out as TRUE using the AND function in Excel and for rest of the candidates FALSE. 

Limitation of AND Function in Excel

The AND function in Excel can test multiple conditions not exceeding more than 255 conditions. In Excel version 2003, the AND in excel could test up to 30 arguments, but in Excel version 2007 and later it can handle up to 255 arguments.

The AND function in excel returns #Value! Error if logical conditions are passed as a text or string.